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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Zebra Striped Reversible Bag

  I have been avoiding sewing. Life got too stressful and I did not feel like doing much. Then, I got a phone call and someone wanted 2 Reversible Bags. So, I had to stop moping over things I have no control over and decided to start doing something.

I was informed that the bags were going to be packed full by the users, so I added a small modification. I added padding to the strap. I simply got some felt by the yard and put a layer of felt inside the strap. Also, cut out 2 pieces of felt from the pattern for the body. I sewed the felt along with one of the bag body pieces to add more structure.

The bag certainly feels heavier and more sturdy. I could have used Pellon Decor Bond or another stabilizer for the body, but I wanted the fabric to still have a slouchy, casual feel. The felt worked great, except I think it added too much bulk in some places and I had to go really slow. I am going to use canvas with the next bag instead of felt. It should still make it more sturdy but the bulk should be greatly reduced.

One more thing. This arrived today:

A serger!!! I got it on e-bay. It is a Bernina Bernette 234 overlock serger and it was a steal. It is all metal and heavy as can be. I took a peak inside and got scared. I can only hope I will be able to figure out that maze in there! I am taking it to Melvin, my sewing machine repairman (you can read about him and his sewing tip here), who not only helped me find it, but will check it to make sure it works well - it should, it came from a reputable seller, but he will also teach me how to use it! I am telling you, he is gem! 

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