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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Differently-Styled Paper Suncatchers

Hello again with more experiements in paper cutting to splash up my windows!  I had seen something like this at a friend's house and thought I'd try it out myself.
These two are made from the same pieces of paper - 2 yellows, 2 light greens and 1 darker green, plus one sheet of white for the right design - the 'cut-away' parts were stacked on top of each other to make the pattern on the left, the 'left-over' parts were stacked to make the pattern on the right.

I also made this one below just using the 'left-over' parts, using 1 white, 2 yellows, 2 light greens and 1 blue. 
On the table surface the 'cut-away' version looks best; you can easily see that there are 5 layers of paper (or shading).  Those distinctions are a little harder to see on the 'left-over' ones.

However, when I put them up in the window, the 'left-over' ones look super (although they are a bit washed-out due to the late afternoon lighting on the far side of the house) and the 'cut-away' one looks, well, like just a blob of sorts!  Using a synchro flash (as in the first picture and the one immediately below) helped some of the color show up as it really is.

 And here are all three proudly decorating the window of my mini-sewing area!  Gotta love patterns!
Have a lovely day!