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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to Make a Paper Suncatcher

Here's the photo tutorial to make paper suncatchers!
This is not really complicated - you can cut as you like - but it may be a bit tricky to work out what to cut away and what to keep.  Experimenting is fun and will result in some interesting designs that you may not have even planned.  The results are always exciting!

Good things to remember: 
1. Don't cut from one fold line to the other fold line on the other side because then you'll chop off a whole piece of your paper!
2. There will be 12 layers of paper to cut through, so don't try to make anything too intricate. 
3. Any finer cuts should be made FIRST before the structure gets too flimsy.
4. Be very careful opening up your cut paper.

Start with your regular hexagon.  Use this tutorial to make one!
Fold your hexagon back up again, keeping the folded sides on the right and the left with the center of the hexagon as the point on the bottom.  There are six layers of paper.

 Fold the left edge over to the right edge.  You now have TWELVE layers of paper with the center of the hexagon still being that bottom point.
Here's a tulip pattern.  Cut on the lines as indicated.
Here's the dragonfly pattern.  Again, cut on the lines.
Here's a fancier flower.
Here's a (green) snowflake using the same shaped (essentially - I leveled off the top) and cutting the same thing on both sides.
Have fun making some of these yourselves!