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Friday, July 13, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake Skirt

A while back I had gone to Joanns with a plan. Can I tell you, you really cannot ever do that, walk into Joann's with a plan. I never find the vision I have in mind when I do so. My daughter has this favorite Jersey Knit dress, with smocking on the top. I don't blame her for loving it, it looks so comfortable. Things get old and this dress really needs to be retired. Even with the holes, she would still choose to wear it everyday if I'd let her. 
SO, I was in Joann's looking for replacement fabric. 
Alas, I couldn't find anything, but I did find cute-ish smocked cotton fabric. 

This is why I say cute-ish:

WHY? WHY I ask, would anyone create cute fabric and then ruin it with an awful boarder on the bottom!!! I didn't take a before picture of the smocked fabric I made the skirt from, but I can tell you about it. It was the pink daisy fabric (that you can see on the skirt), but had snoopy and his birds bordering the bottom along with the words Best Friends. It had to go. I bought some extra fabric thinking I could make it work. But with it being not what I wanted, it sat in the cupboard waiting...

and waiting...

Then On Sunday one of the girls I teach at church wore a skirt that made me think of "the dress". I realized, forget the dress, it's perfect for a skirt!!

I started with the smocking for the waist band. It had two more rows of smocking, but I chopped those off. The green blends so nice with the first row of green fabric. You should of seen my youngest's face and the sound she made as I hacked at what she thought an already beautiful dress. It translates to, "What are you doing Mom! You just ruined it!" Part of me agreed with her:)

I took this skirt one row at a time, making decisions as I went. I really had fun. My husband bought me a serger for my birthday last October and though I've used it, this was my first real project with it. I LOVED it. I grew up using a serger. It is amazing at what a difference it makes. No bulk, no fray. Awww!

I don't know how I managed to make the back longer, but it's perfect for the bum bump :) I'm so proud of my work, I'm tempted to to turn it inside out to show off my nice clean sewing.