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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Fun Idea: Balloon Ping Pong

In my last post I mentioned a list of summer activities I've gleaned from the internet to help keep my kiddos entertained.  Before summer vacation began, I printed up small images all of the pictures I'd found, laminated them, and cut them out.  On a wall in our kitchen I hung a three-month calendar with all camps, vacations, trips, etc. recorded.  Then I put a jar with the activity pictures close to the calendar.  Every night (nearly) one of the kids gets a turn to draw an activity out of the jar for the next day.  We then tape the little activity picture on the square for that date on the calendar.  Mom does get veto power if it's something that won't fit into the next day's schedule, but then we just put it back into the jar and draw another possibililty.

It's a good system for us because it helps give motivation for the kids to get their morning routines done quickly--too much dawdling and we run out of time to do the activity, it allows me time to run out and get any extra supplies needed that I might not have on hand, and when we look at the calendar, we see the fun things we've done all summer.

This Balloon Ping Pong was one of the first pictures we drew from the Summer Fun Jar.  I saw this idea at

Supplies are simply a balloon, paper plates, and tongue depressors.  Since I only had the cheap floppy paper plates, I just taped two together around the edges, and it gave enough support to hit the balloon.  We didn't have tongue depressors either, but rather than run out and buy some, we just taped five popsicle sticks together, and it worked just fine.  We played with Ping Pong rules, using our napkin holder as the "net" in the center.

I was surprised at how long my kids were entertained by this activity.  And then when Dad got home, the parent match was even more fun.  Yeah, he beat me, but only because he's an INTENSE GAME PLAYER.  Sheesh!  It's okay-- he has many other redeeming qualities...   : )

Hope this brings someone else as much enjoyment as it brought us!