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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Minecraft Birthday Cake

My oldest has turned 11! For birthdays in our home I like to decorate a cake that symbolizes the birthday child's interests. Something fun for them to look back on. J had suggested Minecraft. I showed him a few Minecraft cakes others have put on the Internet and he chose a very simple one telling me he didn't want it to be too much work for me. The love!

This cake turned out to be a fun birthday activity. The night before I baked the cake, shaped, frosted and covered to top with fondant. J expressed interest in making Minecraft figures out of fondant, so that became our morning activity. All the kids had fun playing with fondant. I loved J's creative ideas and sharing this with him. I just have to say I think he made it look better than the picture off the internet (but thanks for the idea!)