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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Fun Idea: Homemade Pretzels

I've got to admit that making those big, soft, chewy pretzels you can buy in the mall has always intimidated me.  It was the boiling step AND the baking step, I think.  Seemed complicated and long.  But this was an activity that got pulled from our Summer Activity Jar, so thanks to a great tutorial from Our Best Bites, we gave it a shot.

 It wasn't nearly as difficult as I'd feared.  And VERY yummy--that's an understatement.  We rolled some in Parmesan cheese and some in cinnamon sugar, and the sweet pretzels disappeared so quickly I didn't get a picture.

The  recipe and tutorial are here.  We made actual twisted pretzels instead of the pretzel bites Sara suggested, and although we loved twisting them around and around, I think I'd follow her idea next time.  The big pretzels were quite filling.  We doubled the recipe, and I noticed that by the time we were finished boiling everything, the water had reduced so much that there was a much higher baking soda concentration.  I could taste a strong baking soda flavor on the last few pretzels.  So for next time I'll either use two pots, or only make one recipe.  I think there will definitely be a next time!

I hope you enjoy these as much as we did!