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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Fun Idea: Ice excavation

It's pretty hot here, as I suspect it is everywhere else.  So we chose an activity to help cool off a bit.  We decided to take an imaginary archeological trip to Antarctica to see what we could find.
 The night before, I added miscellaneous toys to pans of water and then stuck them in the freezer.  At activity time, I turned the frozen ice specimens into pans for my junior archeologists to study.
 Excavation tools included turkey basters, small medicine syringes, spray bottles, table knives, and warm water.
 Interestingly, this ancient Antarctic culture also appears to have enjoyed Legos, Hotwheels cars, marbles, crayons, action figures, jacks, toothpicks, paper clips, rubber bands, and even coins.  We hypothesized that perhaps the plastic forks had been left by ancient litterbugs who forgot to pick up their trash.  I guess we have a lot in common with Antarcticans!
Except that we're so hot...

Hope someone else enjoy this activity as much as we did!