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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Fun Idea: Shower Curtain Maps/Artwork

This activity from our Summer Fun Jar turned out to be much better than I'd hoped. 
The idea I presented to the kids was that they could create their very own town or city map on their shower curtains.  I expected that they'd create something for their Little People toys or their Hotwheels cars.  But this is where the joy of creativity comes in: they each did their own thing.  One child did actually draw a map of an imaginary land.  But another chose to use his entire shower curtain to draw a detailed blueprint for a medieval castle, a third drew flowers, butterflies, and alphabet letters all over hers, and my preschooler just had fun scribbling all over her curtain without anyone scolding her.

They loved having such a large canvas for their work!  And I loved that they spent the entire morning happily coloring without whining or arguing!

It was super cheap--merely the cost of white shower curtains from the dollar store.  I used Sharpies and crayons I already had on hand.  And when they were completely done playing with them, I folded each shower curtain up  to use as drop cloths for other messy crafts.  Thanks to Kristin at Intrepid Murmurings for sharing such an awesome idea!

I hope this brings someone else as much enjoyment as it brought us!