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Monday, August 20, 2012

The "One And Only" Handbag

At first I intended to share the how- to on this bag also. I faithfully took pictures of how I made the pattern. I cut out fabric for 2 bags. I planned on making 1 bag just to work out the kinks and the second with tons of pictures for a nice long tutorial. However, it was too finicky to make this bag. So, I am not making another one.  And honestly, as great as 3-d pockets are, I am getting less and less fond of them.

 I bough the strap at Joann's. I was so frustrated that I did not want to take the time and energy to make a strap. I actually like it enough with the ready made strap, that I do not feel it was a waste of time.
 I did take a couple pictures I can share with you during the process in case you want to attempt a bag like this. Basically it is a large rectangle, with U shaped gussets. Flap is added separately.

And the pocket is simply a rectangle with rounded corners on the bottom and a gusset that goes around. Made the lining the same way, out right sides together, sewed around leaving a small opening. Turned it right side out and got another 3-d pocket. I hated sewing it on the bag though. I had to use the seam ripper a lot and it is still a bit off. 

The worse part was adding the gussets and sewing around the corners. Since the bag is pretty stiff ( I used heavy sew-in stabilizer) it was really difficult to navigate around the curved corners with all the layers. On top of it, the fabric I used frays way too easily. I should have used more seam allowance. It works, and I am getting better at tackling more complicated designs. 

Although something simpler would be nicer for next time. Maybe a bucket bag!