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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Skirts With Matching Head Wraps (DIY Fabric Head Wraps)

Wendy's little girl is starting radiation this week. I got to talk to her for a couple minutes on Sunday. It was so great to see her spirit shining even when her body is going through a really rough time.  I told her that I got some super soft yarn to make a hat for her. She told me she did not want a hat. Well, not to be pushy, I started thinking what else she might like or need and make it fun.

I went through my fabric stash and was able to find a couple of fun cotton prints. I had enough to make a couple simple skirts for her with matching head wraps. My youngest sons were happy to be my model and both stood patiently while I worked out the simple pattern.

 It is super simple to make these. Once they were cut out, I just serged the edges. I looked at enough chemo/radiation head wraps to know that most looked...well, too much like chemo/radiation head warps. I wanted to make her something fun and functional. Simple, yet girly. (Although my boys now ordered these head wraps from me in pirate print.)

 I cut the fabric on the fold and just drew the pattern on the fabric (wrong side). I had to guess for measurements, but basically you need to measure the length between the ears (wrapped around the front of the head). Measure from the front of the head, down to the hairline, add 1 inch or 2, to form the triangle. Connect the lines, add straps to the pattern, cut, serge (or add seam allowance,  fold over, sew) and done.
 Here is the basic shape.