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Thursday, October 4, 2012

HALLOWEEN - One down a few more to go

Boy #4 wanted to be Captain America. His brothers all decided on  tad bit more complicated costumes this year, so I opted to start with the easiest. Plus Walmart was out of Captain America suits. Yes, truthfully I was going to buy a costume - which I have not done in a long time. I wanted to simplify Halloween this year and that meant going with store bought stuff. Lucky for me he is the only one I could have bought a costume for and even luckier, they were out at two different Walmart stores. Instead of hunting for a store well stocked with Captain America suits, I grabbed 2 large adult size T-shirts at Walmart and sat down one evening to sew. 

It actually went much quicker than I hoped, I was done in about 2 hours. (Which included frequent distractions by an overly excited 3 year old who thought he would help me cut and sew.)

  Like I said, I bought two large (blue) T-shirts, had some white knit remnants and I also had a red T-shirt one of the kids "donated". I used boy #4's pj's for the pattern and simply utilized the existing neckline and finished hems of the shirts as much as possible. Plus I used my serger to sew with which made it even faster. Now if we could make the costume last until Halloween...maybe I can pry it off of him while he is asleep.

I only took a couple pictures of the process. I really wanted  to just finish it quickly so I can move on to making costume #2 ....