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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Halloween

My boys are busy trading candy at the moment and since they are not fighting (yet), I get a few uninterrupted minutes at the computer.

Son #2 changed his mind last minute and opted for a different costume. Thankfully we did not even start on his first choice because it was not possible to do much prep work before. It all had to be applied right before leaving the house. His knew choice was not only easier, but it was funny too and he got a lot of laughs.

Got some funny guesses too, like pantry killer, zombie or cereal man. Mostly he got a lot of chuckles when people figured it out: cereal killer. 

And let's not forget #4, who decided he needed a hood last minute. Did not quite turned out as I wanted it, but I was pressed for time. He was happy however and ready to save the world!

 It was fun to run into friends dressed as Lord of the Rings characters. Frodo and Sauron posed with the Witch King, Arwen, Gandalf, Legolas, a Nazgul and a really small hobbit.